Quality policy document

Giubilesi & Associati is actively engaged in the process of continuous improvement of services and specialist services for customers in the food chain (production, processing, distribution, catering) and the hospitality and wellness industry who want to enhance their business, promote and develop their offer, improving the quality and safety to consumers.

The Quality Policy is an integral part of the Quality Management System. It represents G&A’s formal and public commitment to constantly pursue customer satisfaction and the protection of consumers and workers, in compliance with the laws and the rules set out in the procedures of the Quality Management Manual.

The management model is organized into integrated processes that transform the effectiveness of performance into value for G&A and for its public and private customers, making them aware of the development of management systems and production technologies that respect the environment, able to ensure the profile of hygienic and nutritional safety of food to improve the health of consumers.

G&A Management is committed to promoting the training and continuous updating of its employees and collaborators. The aim is to raise the awareness of all human resources involved in the provision of services to issues of quality and safety and to continuously improve the performance offered to customers.

G&A is aware that a responsible economic strategy, also addressing environmental issues, is essential for its success and that of its Clients. Therefore, it is committed to promoting responsible consumption behaviour and cultural and technical-scientific actions aimed at minimising, where possible, any negative impact on the environment.

Quality Management System Certificate ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001

GIUBILESI & ASSOCIATI S.r.l. is in compliance with the standard UNI EN ISO for the following products/services:

Planning and realization of integrated professional services for public and private companies of food chain (production, processing, trade, food service) and hospitality industry. Integrated design (structures, systems, processes), management of building and sanitary practices, setting by law of plants, laboratories, professional kitchens. Design specifications for tenders for supplies and services, validation of labels and data sheets of products and food contact materials. Research and development of products and processes for shelf life improvement, reduction of preservatives, environmental sustainability. Audit, consulting, training for the certification of quality, environmental, food safety, occupational safety, management systems. State management of crisis and alert in connection with the Health Authority. Market surveys for the assessment of B2B and B2C business positioning and customer satisfaction and loyalty. Design and realization of scientific events and training courses in classroom and e-learning systems.



To operate in the service of the Public Interest and issue Training Certificates, a Private Operator must be accredited at a regional level on the basis of specific requirements that guarantee its reputation and technical skills. It also has to guarantee the health and safety compliance of its structure in which it provides courses and seminars of any nature and level.

The Accreditation procedure, subject to periodic checks, is the act by which a Region certifies that the Operator has superior organisational, management and quality requirements, in accordance with Legislative Decree 231/01 “Organisation, Management and Control Model” and the standards of the ISO 9001:2015 EA 37 Education standard.

Accreditation is also a necessary condition for access to Calls for Proposals for Funding and Tenders for Services on management, audit and quality and safety control systems that impact on the protection of businesses and on the protection of the health of consumers and workers. They require teachers with proven experience enrolled in Professional Orders or Qualification Boards or Professional Registers.

Giubilesi & Associati is an Accredited Operator to the Lombardy Region No. 980/16 for the provision of Education and Professional Training Services.

Giubilesi & Associati is the Centre for Joint Territorial Training (CFPT) N° EBOOF247 under the control of the Association System CONFLAVORO PMI through the UNASF (National Union for Safety and Training). In compliance with the laws in force and the Regulation of CFPT, it organizes basic, specialized and refresher training activities on the national territory, in accordance with Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent amendments and additions and the Regional State Agreements in classroom, e-learning and blended modalities.

The G&A Team also collaborates with university professors and trainers in the technical area (Food Technologists, Veterinary Physicians, Engineers, Prevention Technicians) and in the health area (Competent Doctors, Qualified Rescuers) who are able to meet every need in terms of prevention, protection, hygiene, safety and health.