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When the situation is critical the right partner makes the difference

How do you effectively manage a state of crisis or alert?

Even when working with conscience and passion and operating in compliance with laws, unforeseeable events may occur. These put the Organization under stress, threaten Legal Representatives and compromise the reputation of the Company with institutions and its customers.

Food processes are complex management situations that can lead to minor or serious non-conformities in product safety, resulting in crisis or alert situations with health, economic and legal implications that put all company functions under pressure.

The FBO – Food Business Operator – as soon as it becomes aware of the serious non-conformity, must take action to avoid negative consequences for public health. It must strive to effectively manage withdrawal operations (the product is in the distribution chain, but has not yet reached the consumer) or recall operations (the product has already reached the consumer), together with timely communication to the competent authority, customers, consumers.

G&A Crisis Management Services

The G&A Team is always ready to manage crisis and alert situations involving the Company, immediately guaranteeing a direct line of technical-legislative support and the presence of specialists on site in a very short time, even for official sampling activities.

The organisation therefore has the certainty of having the resources necessary to govern the event, coordinating the institutional responses and carrying out the operational actions necessary to ensure compliance with the laws in force.

In the resolution of emergencies, it is necessary to react in real time, effectively managing relations with customers, the Competent Authority and the media.

In the event of serious potential or established risk to human health affecting food products, following control by the competent authority, consumer notification or recall-return by the FBO themselves – Food Business Operators, the RASFF “Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed” must be activated in all European Union countries.

The “Guidelines for the operational management of the alert system for food intended for human consumption” Conferenza Stato-Regioni of 13/11/2008, identify in Annex D “Criteria for risk notification” the situations that represent a serious risk to public health from those in which it is necessary to carry out a scientific assessment to determine the presence of a serious health risk.

Critical situations must be managed by companies in a timely and effective manner, confirming the validity of their HACCP system and the procedures for the training of employees, for traceability and for the management of non-conformities in the various phases of the production process (production, processing, heat treatment, storage, transport).

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