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System governance improves corporate reputation and profitability

How to control performance and improve business processes?

Internal audits on food chain processes (import-export, production, distribution, catering) must be carried out periodically to assess the efficiency of company performance, the level of process safety and the products’compliance with legal requirements and specifications standards.

The audits are useful for reducing non-conformities, identifying areas for improvement and reducing management waste. These are in the interest of the contract between the Clients and the Manager and improve the quality perceived by consumers- users in public catering services (school, health, social welfare, railway contracts, airport concessions).

The effectiveness of internal audit activities depends on several factors. Among these, of primary importance are the type of mandate given to the auditor, the specific competence of the auditors and their degree of organizational independence and professional diligence.

The commodity and hygienic-sanitary conformity of the products placed on the market requires the exact knowledge of the history of the product, the production process and the operational information supporting it during its commercial life and consumption.

The team of G&A specialists, supported by accredited public and private laboratories, assists customers in process quality control and adaptation interventions. This way, it guarantees the conformity of the production system, consumer confidence and the reputation of the clients.

G&A Internal Audit and Validation Services

  • Document and authorisations audits
  • Production process audits
  • Supplier reliability audits

Internal audit activities consist of a set of actions to verify the effectiveness of procedures to ensure the conformity of processes and products intended for the final consumer.

The instrumental and analytical controls provided for in the HACCP Plan are also supported by sensory assessments. They objectively determine the perceived quality of a food during its consumption. In this way, it is then possible to intervene in the production and distribution process and prevent the appearance of undesired characteristics on the product.

To ensure the hygienic, commodity and sensory compliance of food and instil confidence in the final consumer, it is important that organizations and companies are supported by specialists who can analyse the production system and bring added value.

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