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Learn from the past to anticipate the future

G&A supports companies in human resources training

Co-workers training and motivation play a key role for companies’ success and performance development. They improve the work environment and pave the way for process requalification and new business opportunities.

To operate in such a competitive and volatile market, every Organization must provide for interventions to upgrade the market position and to optimise its production processes. These should be supported by training programmes focussed on two different levels: Companies and People.

Companies need tailor-made training courses that start from the analysis of needs and share objectives and indicators of effectiveness of results and cost optimization.

People such as Entrepreneurs, Managers and Employees need to reflect on their work experience and must develop new skills to impact on the organisational environment.

People “make the difference” in companies, especially in those operating in the food production sector, in catering and hospitality services that directly impact on the health, well-being and trust of the individual and the community.

Companies are seeking experienced, effective and concrete trainers, able to guide management development and facilitate the processes of cultural and generational change.

The ability to learn faster than competitors is the competitive advantage of every company.

Education and training: What does the G&A Team do?

G&A supports companies with a team of trainers experienced in the design and implementation of technical-scientific, hygienic-sanitary, legislative and managerial trainings related to the start-up and management of activities and to the reduction of risks arising from non-compliance with regulations.

The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as we continue to live.

Experiential training is strategic for companies and is beneficial to people. It generates collective value because it empowers behaviours and develops latent potential in work roles, allowing everyone to learn through their own experience and emotions.

Our consultants’ experience, together with the partnership with accredited institutions equipped with distant learning platforms, creates innovative training paths. Lessons are indeed supported by multimedia content, practical exercises, real case simulation, team building and role playing activities.

The qualification of sectoral and functional competences creates value based on knowledge and ideas to support improvement actions, process changes and innovative start- ups.

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