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When you cook, you’re always thinking about who you’re preparing for, otherwise you’re just making something to eat

G&A supports companies in quality food service

The catering sector is constantly evolving and its dynamics are becoming progressively more complex. Companies must be strong and well-organised with qualified employees. This is necessary to face the challenges in the mass sector (companies, schools, universities, hospitals, retirement homes) and in the commercial sector as consumers are increasingly prepared and demanding.

Management companies need to create new hospitality formats and consumer offerings to attract new customers. SMEs need to requalify processes and services to regain profit margins while meeting consumer expectations.

Quality of raw materials, attention to nutritional needs, respect for the environment and process control are the rules to ensure quality catering.

To avoid surprises, an operational action plan must be prepared. It should cover all the elements, from the study of management processes and of production and conservation technologies, to the selection and training of personnel and to the management control. This would allow to implement improvements and to achieve the desired results in a constant and measurable manner over time.

G&A supports companies with a team of specialists for the resolution of problems of a design, technical-managerial, marketing and communication nature to start or upgrade activities and develop new service models.

Restaurants are a place where those who enter must feel at ease, living an experience that invites them to come back.

Catering and HORECA: what does the G&A Team do?

  • Context analysis and market positioning
  • Production and service system definition
  • Professional kitchens and laboratories design
  • Management of building, administrative and health practices with the Competent Bodies
  • Menu preparation and process optimization
  • Cost analysis and management control (labour cost, food cost, energy cost, general cost, service cost)
  • Training and education courses on hygiene and health, and safety in the workplace
  • Training courses for the use of new high-performance technologies (low heat density, vacuum, protective atmosphere, dehydration, refrigeration, cryogenic deep-freezing)
  • Food safety and workplace safety management (HACCP, DVR)
  • Validation of shelf life and labelling of bulk and packaged products

Compared to others countries where a functional character of the meal prevails, the food culture in Italy is more convivial and hedonistic.

The prerequisites of a successful catering system are a detailed analysis of the context in which it operates and of the technologies required, as well as of the targets to be achieved with the available budget. Moreover, the company procedures adopted must involve all areas and activities in order to standardise and guarantee the quality of the services offered, also through constant monitoring of the services provided and of customer satisfaction. It is necessary to know and apply the current rules that regulate the food and catering sector. Therefore, it is important to adopt a correct design and management approach, relying on partners capable of generating a concrete “value chain”, based on multidisciplinary knowledge and skills.

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  • Occupational safety management and worker protection (RSPP, DVR, DUVRI appointment)
  • Training and education courses on workplace safety
  • Management of the Occupational Medicine Programme (MC appointment, medical examinations, PSS)
  • Analysis on water, air, food, beverages with accredited laboratories
  • Internal audits to verify quality, hygiene and safety standards
  • Customer satisfaction assessment
  • Simulation of inspections by the Competent Authority (ASL, NAS, ARPA, VVFF)
  • Crisis conditions, food health alerts and occupational accidents management.

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