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Don’t be afraid to know what customers think of you

How is customer satisfaction measured?

The evaluation of Customer Satisfaction in the food service, hospitality, and wellness sectors shows sensitivity to the customer and awareness of the importance of his judgment. Besides, it is essential to guide business decisions, requalify processes and evaluate performance.

Satisfaction measurement is a powerful tool through which the company can identify the objective elements necessary to diagnose the factors that affect the quality of services provided and act quickly on them.

Perceived quality, trust, competition analysis, strengths and weaknesses, dynamics of satisfaction and dissatisfaction, are the basis of the success of companies targeting the community and individual consumers. Indeed, consumers are becoming increasingly difficult to retain because they are constantly eager to experience new products and services.

The technical specification UNI TS 11312 is the guideline for the design and management of audits performed incognito (directly or indirectly, through external organizations) on companies or bodies that produce or provide services to consumers in the public and private sectors.

Mystery Auditors conduct incognito audits to correct system non-conformities and to improve business performance in an effective and formidable manner.

It is important to rely on specialists with a broad vision of the private and public market and integrated skills in the field, such as the G&A Team. Our team coordinates a network of 1500 “mystery consumers” and supports customers with personalized services in their path to success.

G&A Customer Satisfaction Services

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Mystery Consumers are people trained to analyse the behavioural dynamics of the “typical customer” when purchasing the product or when using the service.

Monitoring has a beneficial effect on the company, which uses feedback to improve its products and services and to develop a reward system for its managers and employees.
The most effective technique is to infiltrate “Mystery Consumers” into the organization, or into consumption or service places behaving like any customer but “trained to see how customers” or “trained to analyse competition”.

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