Things change when we change the way we look at them

Massimo Artorige GiubilesiPersonal background

“God made food, the devil the cooks” James Joyce said. Massimo Artorige Giubilesi further enriches it: “God made food, the devil thecooks. Food technologist made them friends,combining science with experience”.

He founded G&A back in 2000, when decided to start up a consultancy firm for the Food & Hospitality world, with the very purpose of supporting the growth of SME in this promising yet complex and demanding sector.

Indeed, his life’s mission is to live the professional passion and to convey it to the others: here’s why “L’Artorige” – as many friends and clients call him – “doesn’t work, he lives”.

His busy schedule, his many projects and meetings are an essential part of his being and his love for what he does. His passion is contagious because it becomes a provocation, a trigger for improvement and success for everybody around him.

Thanks to his strong experience in directional projects, working with passion and energy, he stands out as authoritative “Food Safety & management Corporate Advisor” in both the national and the international landscape.

His innovative tried and true approach captures the industry needs and the clients’ expectations. It offers concrete and effective solutions in integrated design, process management and product improvement management training, external relations with Institutions and the Competent Authority.

The specialist consulting of the G&A Team offers public and private Organization sustainable and concrete solutions, always protecting workers and consumers’ health as well as the reputations towards stakeholders.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” 


Personal career

In his thirty-year career as Food Technologist, l’Artorige has developed aninnovative and transversal approach to manage complex issues. In particular, technical and legal as well as financial and managerial issues affecting the food supply chain, the mass and commercial catering and the hospitality and wellness industry.

His professional goal is to transfer academic knowledge into skills and practical competencies for public and private Organizations. He aims at achieving it with designing activities, trainings and directional consultancy, in collaboration with Universities, Schools for the advanced training, the Public Administration and the Competent Authority.

He was Food Safety Specialist Advisor for EXPO2015, responsible for the school catering sector of the European projects “Mangio Sano, Informato e Soddisfatto” and “Biobenessere”. He was co-planner and tutor of the “Multietnicità e Sicurezza alimentare” for the Chinese, Arabic and Hispanic-American communities. He was also co-author of “HACCP” and the university textbook “Manuale della Ristorazione”.

Today he is the president of Ordine dei Tecnologi Alimentari Lombardia e Liguria (Order of Food Technologists Lombardy and Ligury), president of FCSI Italian Unit (Foodservice consultants Society International), guest lecturer at Universities, Foundations and Schools for the Advanced Training, and Scientific Director and Food Safety Expert for prestigious journals specialised in the restaurant and hospitality industries.