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Passion and experience to give safety and value to companies

How to protect business and consumer health?

Food safety is a prerequisite for ensuring healthy products sold and distributed to consumers of all ages. Therefore, precise procedures must be adopted throughout the entire production chain, from the processing and storage phase, during transport and distribution, to the sale and consumption phase.

European food law is based on the precautionary principle. It ensures a high level of health protection, a proper functioning of the market, access to information for citizens, traceability of products, prevention of transmissible diseases, and a system of control throughout the supply chain.

The food sector is not only characterized by complex processes on an industrial scale, but also by articulated processes on an artisan level that take place in laboratories and kitchens. Here the level of risk is sometimes significant as it is influenced by several different factors, such as limited space, a high degree of handling, poor technical and health training of the operators, and high variety foods produced.

The complete responsibility for product safety, hygiene of the production environment, the use of safe technologies and additives, labelling and information provided to consumers, is borne by each FBO – Food Business Operator in industry and crafts. This is the natural or legal person responsible for compliance with the legal provisions of each food business during production or processing, or catering.

G&A Food Safety Services

It is important to rely on specialists with a broad vision of the private and public market and integrated skills in the field, such as the G&A Team. We support customers to ensure food safety and consumer health protection.

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The European Union to ensure food safety has taken a stand with the EC Reg. 178/02, the Hygiene Package 2004, the EC Reg. 2073/05 and the new EU Reg. 1169/11.

The HACCP-Codex Alimentarius System “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points”, is the worldwide recommended method since 1980 to identify hazards, assess risks and their severity and apply specific procedures and controls to ensure the safety of any food.

The “Food Safety Management System” is the tool that customizes the HACCP System describing the procedures and actions to ensure the hygiene of environments and equipment and the safety of processes and products.

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