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Only those who have already walked the road can prevent obstacles

G&A supports companies in their international trade

Italian companies that open up to international markets to sell agri-food products increase their revenues and profits. They generate “the value chain” by promoting an excellent wine and food heritage.

Global trade involves a high level of complexity, which necessitates companies aiming at exporting products to equip themselves with specialised structures and expertise. The products “Made in Italy” are in great demand on international markets as they are considered synonymous with quality, safety and well-being.

In the last decade the Italian export has generated great opportunities. In particular, it has rewarded those companies able to acquire the technical, managerial and legislative skills necessary to develop reliable and lasting business relationships with foreign partners.

Many SMEs still do not know the rules of the market and have to adapt their plants, processes and products to the regulations in non-EU countries such as Russia, USA, China, South East Asia, Middle East and North Africa. Only then can they establish strategic alliances of export-import and allow lasting trade with these countries.

Evolving regulations and stringent controls on labelling and food safety, together with growing attention to the environment and product quality, are the key success factors for companies that want to export their products.

G&A supports companies with a team of consultants with knowledge of international markets and specialist in upgrading the management and production processes related to the export and import of food products.

Italian agri-food exports have entered a new phase, with excellent opportunities and great prospects for those who are able to meet the challenges of the market.

Import and Export: What does the G&A Team do?

  • support in partners and sales channels identification;
  • support to the communication and marketing strategies planning;
  • compliance of products and processes with safety standards;
  • laboratory analysis on food and beverages;
  • shelf life validation of sterilized, refrigerated and frozen products;
  • audits according to ISO, NSF, BRC, IFS standards;
  • Preventive Controls Plans preparation and FDA website registration management;
  • interface between US importers and Italian producers;

Export is a great opportunity for Italian food producers, in particular, for those operating with pasta, pizza, bakery products, oil, wine, preserves, cheeses and cured meat.

The FDA – Food and Drug Administration – is a federal agency of the United States Department of Health and Human that regulates food, food supplements and additives, animal feed, human and veterinary drugs, medical equipment marketed in the U.S. by local and international companies.

In 2011, the new food safety regulation FSMA was issued. In particular, the FSMA – Food Safety Modernization Act – requires foreign subjects to:

  • register to the FDA;
  • prepare food safety control plans in English, guaranteed by qualified professionals, based on turnover and number of employees
  • introduce verification programmes by US importers. They are required to verify the safety and labelling compliance of foreign suppliers and their products.

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  • labelling in accordance with US standards;
  • conformity of products to metrological standards;
  • label compliance with technical and nutritional standards;
  • multi-language labelling of products;
  • conformity of food contact and packaging materials;
  • drafting of product data sheets and specifications for commercial contracts.