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Good advice is useful only if used methodically

How to develop a successful management strategy?

All the activities that qualify the reputation of companies on the market require constant attention and targeted investments to requalify processes, reduce waste, optimize the cost-benefit of investments, with the aim of a sustainable and transparent commercial positioning.

All companies are required to have standards of competitive excellence capable of producing goods and services in a timely, competitive and superior quality manner, integrating product quality with the management efficiency of the organization.

The new business approach uses the international standards of Management Systems as tools for improving processes and accelerating growth. They also increase visibility and value to attract investors and generate interest from customers and consensus from institutions.

Process requalification, management control and profitability must meet objective standards. These must be measurable and sustainable as they play a decisive role in supporting decisions and orienting the definition of objectives, roles and responsibilities within organisations.

Identity, innovation, efficiency are the keywords to tackle threats and create new opportunities for companies.

To use resources effectively, improvement processes must be measurable and people must be involved at all levels of responsibility.

G&A Management Consultancy Services

It is essential to rely on specialists with a broad view of the public and private market and with integrated skills in the field, such as the G&A Team. We support customers with personalized services in their way to success.

  • Management System Analysis
  • GDPR Management Privacy
  • Organizational Model 231
  • Advice on production specifications
  • Activities to qualify the Management System
  • Integrated consulting for certifications
  • Preparation of certification audits (1st year)
  • Preparation of monitoring audits (2nd, 3rd year)

The main standard UNI EN 16114 “Management Consulting” provides effective guidelines for providing management consulting services for public, private and non-profit organizations.

Effective management consulting is always supported by training courses for senior management and management staff. Indeed, by providing qualified skills and facilitating the introduction of management procedures, people can operate with responsible autonomy, ensuring the company maximum functionality and profitability.

The reduction of waste, the efficiency of management processes, the improvement of product quality, are achieved through a process of standardization and management control. By preserving “creativity and attention to detail”, these are able to build a “corporate governance system” capable of constantly monitoring

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Training and refresher courses 

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System” training course
  • Training course on management systems