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Designing is easy when you know how to do it

How to plan a safe and successful structure

Designing means following a method, a strategy, an idea from the very beginning of the project, before making final choices, i.e. before being “guided by the project”. The first things to do are to set a goal, to trace the way and never lose sight of the endpoint.

It is essential to know the target market, to have the appropriate skills, to focus on innovation, whether technological or not. Then it is necessary to follow a design method that influences the competitive advantage of the company, whether operating in a public business, in a laboratory or in an industrial plant.

It is therefore essential to rely on a team of design experts coordinated by a Project Manager, able to integrate the skills and optimize time and budget available. This is possible through a transversal analysis phase that analyses the available elements, takes into account the actors involved, not forgetting the competition and the business targets.

G&A Design and Planning Services

  • Concept definition
  • Needs analysis and feasibility study
  • Preliminary planning
  • Final and executive planning
  • Management of building and technical practices
  • Environmental and functional surveys

Good intuitions and adequate budgets are not enough to build a high-performing concept. There is a strong need for methods tested over years of first-hand experience.

It is important to know that major social changes occur approximately every 10 years, yet consumer tastes change every 5 years.

Take, for instance, business premises. The previous information suggests what economic weight to attribute to building works, plants and equipment and how much instead to the part of reception and hospitality. However, we must not forget that the customer must be guided, not only in the satisfaction of a need ora need, but in a proper immersive “sensory experience”.

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