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Hotel stars don’t necessarily show the right way

G&A supports companies to manage successful hotels

In the Italian economic system, the hospitality and wellness industry, together with tourism and food services, represent essential elements to affirm the “Made in Italy” style, to produce wealth and increase employment.

Managing a quality hotel means being able to accommodate and host, ensure comfortable and hygienically adequate environments, provide a healthy and tasty cuisine and offer moments of excitement and recreation. All this in absolute serenity and safety.

The number of hotels and accommodation facilities enriched with wellness and SPA areas is increasing. However, they are not always supported by the managerial skills, professionalism of employees, organization of services, safety of structures and processes, necessary to ensure high quality standards and gain customer confidence.

The factors contributing to the reputation and success of each accommodation, are not just the minibar, telephone in the room or Wi- Fi. Indeed, what actually makes the difference is the attention to detail. Just for instance, themattress and pillow’s comfort, the cleanlinessof the rooms and the hygiene of the bathrooms, the food and beverage offer, the care of the guest services, whether adults or children, are aspects of primary importance.

Large hotel chains and organised management companies adopt quality control procedures. SMEs, including family SMEs, manage their organisations according to their own personal experience. This way, they often offer an inconstant service and therefore subject to the market sentiment.

Hotels are the place where guests must feel pampered, living an experience that makes them feel good.

G&A supports the Hospitality and Wellness Companies with a team of specialized professionals in the resolution of all problems (of a technical-managerial, safety and hygiene, training and monitoring nature and of customer satisfaction) related to the start-up and management of activities and the reduction of risks with the correct communication to stakeholders.

Hospitality and Wellness: what does the G&A Team do?

  • Context analysis and market positioning
  • Production and service system definition
  • Professional kitchens and laboratories design
  • Management of building, administrative and health practices with the Competent Bodies
  • Menu preparation and food cost control system
  • Training and education courses on hygiene and health
  • Training courses for the use of new technologies for production and preservation without additives (low heat density, vacuum, protective atmosphere, dehydration, refrigeration, cryogenic deep-freezing)
  • Food safety management and consumer protection (HACCP Plan)
  • Validation of labelling of bulk and packaged products

In Italy there are 160 thousand structures of which 35 thousand hotels, with an increment of luxury hotels and new forms of hospitality such as farmhouses, B&Bs, room rentals and hostels.

Intensifying regulations and controls on hygiene and safety, together with growing consumer awareness of the environment and of the quality of services offered, represent critical factors for success. As a consequence, companies are required to constantly improve their activities, constantly monitoring processes and developing new skills in human resources.

Company procedures must be controlled through internal audits by specialists who are external to the organisation, such as those of the G&A Team. These internal audits must cover all back and front office activities to standardize the quality of the services offered: from reception to catering, from maintenance to safety, from hygiene to personal well-being.

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  • Occupational safety management and worker protection (RSPP, DVR, DUVRI appointment)
  • Training and education courses on workplace safety
  • Management of the Occupational Medicine Programme (MC appointment, medical examinations, PSS)
  • Analysis on water, air, food, beverages with accredited laboratories
  • Integrated programme for the prevention and control of legionellosis
  • Monitoring programme for water intended for swimming use
  • Internal audits to verify quality, hygiene and safety standards
  • Customer satisfaction assessment
  • Simulation of inspections by the Competent Authority (ASL, NAS, ARPA, VVFF)
  • Crisis conditions, food health alerts and occupational accidents management.