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How to start a successful business in the food sector?  

Starting up an activity or re-qualifying processes in the food & hospitality sector is a complex and articulated process. It requires companies to have in-depth knowledge about strategy, management, technology and economics.

Starting a new company or developing a new idea independently, with approximate knowledge, without a precise methodology and authoritative reference points, often involves enormous difficulties, delays and failures, and sometimes, even the failure of the idea itself.

Difficulties for start-ups often arise from a partial view of the context and a superficial evaluation of the actions to be taken, starting with the qualification of suppliers and the selection of employees or neglecting economic and legislative aspects.

The analysis of the needs and the technical- economic feasibility study, together with the compliance with the legal requirements (hygiene, safety, environment) and the rationalization of the management costs, constitute the fundamental elements to guarantee profitability to the Company and prevent threats for the Owner.

G&A Services for Start Ups

The G&A Team, while following a proven methodology of management consulting, focuses on the operational and practical aspects of each context. Indeed, managing a reality is always more complex than its theoretical analysis.

The G&A Team offers a global and multidisciplinary consulting service. It focuses on all the activities necessary for the organisation and protection of the company, from budget analysis to technical-legislative audits, from the management of administrative and health practices to liaising with the Competent Authority, from the development of production and service processes to staff training, from the communication and marketing plan to the market positioning of the business.

The success of any company represents a challenge to be faced with method and professionalism, to obtain competitive advantages and to adapt quickly to the needs of the market.

The food & hospitality sector is constantly evolving in terms of both supply and demand. The discriminating factor of success is linked to the high quality of the product and service offered in all contexts, from top restaurants to food trucks, from agritourism to street food, from the family-run hotel to luxury chains.

Among the key factors of the identity and success of the company, we must highlight the location, the quality of the cuisine, the protection of the health of customers, the reception and service, the variety of the menu, the wine & beverage list, with great attention to price in relation to target customers.

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