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Science and Technology at the service of craft enterprises

G&A supports companies in quality production processes

The production and processing of agri-food products represents a set of complex and interlinked processes of a technological, managerial, hygienic-sanitary and economic nature. These processes guarantee added value to the raw materials and allow them to be used or consumed in different forms and conditions than the original ones.

SMEs that produce and process food of vegetable or animal origin for sale or use need sustainable and safe technologies able to preserve the quality of raw materials. These have to bring the same benefits of industrial facilities without being constrained by high production costs and volumes.

G&A supports companies with a team of specialists with advanced skills in food technologies, in hygiene requirements of processes and product safety, in labelling standards and in types of packaging for the benefit of industrial and craft production.

Quality raw materials, modern technologies and sustainable packaging together with process monitoring, guarantee safe and quality finished products.

Production and Processing: What does the G&A Team do?

    • assessment of the production site and the hygienic and safety status of the processes applied;
    • valuation of procedures to control the production process, of environmental sanitation and of pest controls
    • evaluation of the microbiological, chemical-physical and sensory sampling plan as provided for in the HACCP Plan and in the internal QMS;
    • verification of the recipes used and of the conformity of raw materials, semi- finished and final products;
    • validation of the production system in relation to Italian and European legal requirements and voluntary certification standards (technical specifications, ISO 22000, 22005, IFS, BRC).

It is essential to translate new ideas into original recipes and products using innovative and sustainable processes.

Thanks to the application of validation procedures provided for in the HACCP Plan, modern equipment must guarantee SMEs high quality sensory and hygienic production at competitive costs. They also enhance the value of local products and prolong their shelf life without the use of additives.

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  • verification of process flows and conformity of applied heat treatments;
  • assessment of the safety, stability and sensory profile of the product from the production stage until the expected shelf life is exceeded;
  • simulation of the thermomechanical and biological stress to which the product is subjected during and after the shelf life;
  • verification of the level of reliability of suppliers of raw materials and FCM – active food contact materials and articles – and implementation of the technical- legal specifications to combine with supply contracts.